Mold or Moisture In Your Home

Mold or Moisture In Your Home Mold or Moisture in your home How do I know if I have a mold or moisture problem? Mold or moisture in your home may be visible or hidden. Visible areas could include surfaces in the building itself and items in the building. Examples of hidden problem areas include beneath […]

Cities and Services

Call Us Today 24/7 #1 Restoration Service in Orange County 949-438-3584 .24/7 Emergency Services. 949-438-3584. We will arrive within 1 hour, anywhere in Orange County. Services are, Mold Water/Flood & Testing. Mold Remediation. Water Remediation, Flood Remediation. Mold Testing Mold can grow just about anywhere—producing a dangerous and foul odor— We service Orange County, Corona […]

Mold Removal – Why and How

Mold Removal Professional mold abatement is a careful, step-by-step profession process involving the use of highly specialized equipment and cleaning agents. There are many details involved in doing this process correctly. But the overall process can be broken down into some general steps, as follows: Containment. Contain is the work area designed to prevent cross-contamination […]

Are There Health Risks From Mold Exposure?

    Health Risks From Mold Exposure?   Health risks from exposure?  Molds produce irritating substances that may act as allergy causing substances (allergens) in sensitive individuals. Furthermore, some produce toxic substances known as mycotoxins, and by itself is not poisonous or toxic. The term “toxic mold,” therefore, refers to the fact that certain kinds […]

What’s The Most Common Types of Mold?

The most common types of mold includeaspergillus,cladosporium and stachybotrys atra (also known as black mold). Aspergillus is a fairly allergenic mold that is commonly found on foods and in home air conditioning systems. Is Toxic Black Mold the Worst Kind of Mold? The story about “toxic mold” whether black, white, or orange is more complex than most people know. First, although all “mold growth” is capable of […]

Facts About Mold and Your Health

  Facts about Mold  Stachybotrys chartarum and Other Molds How do molds affect people? I heard about “toxic molds” that grow in homes and other buildings. Should I be concerned about a serious health risk to me and my family? The term “toxic ” is not accurate. They are  toxigenic, meaning they can produce toxins […]