Why Airborne Mold Sampling?

Air Sampling is performed to determine the types and quantities of mold spores found in the indoor environment. Airborne mold sampling is key in determining if active mold growth has taking place, if mold contamination conditions exist, and what mold types and levels are present in the air at the time of sample collection. All collected mold samples are submitted to a qualified laboratory where they are identified and quantified. A comprehensive, customized report is then issued detailing our on-site observations, interpretation of lab results, and recommendations or scope of work as necessary.

Wall-Cavity Sampling is essentially an air sample of a wall cavity, ceiling cavity, or other cavities to determine if hidden mold growth is present.

Surface Sampling (Tape Lift) is a sample of visible suspect mold growth collected off the surface of building materials or items to identify the types and concentration of mold growth present.